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Cool beads! Met Bea last night in Kansas City, and she showed me her Astronobeads – the Solar System to orbit your wrist!

Astronaut Scott Kelly

📍 Missouri, USA

The jewelry is very unique because each piece is individually made to fit some element of the universe. It reminds me that we are so small but great things can happen even in the most humble of situations.

Lillian Bradley

📍 Hawaiian Islands

Got my Pluto choker in the mail from @astronobeads and am so stoked to forever show my solidarity with our solar system’s cutest ex-planet 😊

Samantha Yammine

📍 Toronto, Canada

Where in the 🌎 is @astronobeads?

Grandma 🌙, Mom 🌞 & Me 🌎
📍 St. Louis Missouri

Sarah & 🌞 System Bracelet
📍 Desert in Morocco

PJ & Jupiter Bracelet 🌚
📍 Three Rivers, California

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